Linda DuPuis-Rosen
Wildlife in Watercolor

Giclée Prints

What are Giclée inkjet prints?

Giclée (jhee-clay meaning “to spray” in French) prints are made from digital files and can be printed on a wide variety of fine art papers and canvas. The inkjet printer squirts tiny droplets of ink onto the paper. Giclées are created one at a time and produce a smooth tone with saturated colors and deep contrast.


My Giclée prints are printed on watercolor paper, and are beautiful, long lasting prints. Each of the prints will be signed by me. I feel it is the best reproduction process to represent my artwork.

The sizes available for unframed prints are 12 x 16 in., 16 x 20 in., and 18 x 30 in. Sizes may vary slightly depending on print selected.

The sizes available for framed prints are 16 x 20 in. with a simple, black wood frame with a 2 in. single, acid free museum mat or 24 x 36 in. with a simple black wood frame and a 3 in. single acid free museum mat.

Please e-mail me at for the price.

 Please allow up to four weeks after I have received payment for delivery.

 10% of the proceeds from the prints will be donated to the conservation organization of the artist’s choice.

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